The slurry pumps used in mine metallurgy are mainly divided into KSH heavy duty slurry pumps, KSL type light slurry pumps, ZGB high lift slurry pumps, KSS vertical liquid pumps, KSHF foam slurry pumps, KSG (H) gravel pumps, etc. 1. When transporting abrasive slurry, according to the median particle size and volume concentration of slurry, the abrasivity of slurry can be classified according to the following table. KSL slurry pump can be selected for transporting medium and light abrasive slurry; KSH or ZGB slurry pump can be selected for heavy abrasive slurry, and KSH slurry pump can be selected for heavy abrasive slurry; 2, when the slurry contains foam, the KSHF type slurry pump should be selected. The foam content should be considered when calculating the flow rate, and the low rotation speed should be selected as far as possible to ensure good inhalation performance. 3. KSG gravel pump or ksgh high lift gravel pump can be selected when there are large solids in the conveying slurry. The number of blades of the gravel pump is small, the passing capacity is strong, it is not easy to be blocked, and the cavitation performance is good. 【MORE】
The pumps used in the field of environmental protection dredging are mainly divided into wn dredge pump, wnq submersible dredge pump, QDP submersible sand discharge pump, etc. This series of pump impeller has wide flow passage, strong flow capacity, good cavitation performance and strong suction capacity, which can meet greater excavation depth and higher suction concentration. KSG / ksgh gravel pump or QDP submersible sand pump can be selected for dredging pumps with diameter of 400 and below. The gravel pump is a bracket structure, which is suitable for working in the cabin. The submersible sand pump is equipped with submersible motor, which can work underwater. The dredging pump with diameter of 450 and above can be selected as wn dredging pump, the cabin pump as wn type, and the underwater pump as wnq type. The speed of large-scale dredge pump is low, and the gear box can be used to adjust the speed. The dredge pump can adopt the bracket structure or the combination of bracket and gear box.
The environmental protection desulfurization pump is mainly divided into TL type desulfurization pump and TLR type dredging pump, which is suitable for the desulfurization system of thermal power generation, aluminum smelting, oil refining and other industries to transport limestone or gypsum slurry. TL pump is of single shell structure. The flow passage components including pump body, impeller and front and rear guard plates are made of kb09 material specially developed by our company for desulfurization conditions, which is corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant. TLR pump is a double-layer shell structure, with replaceable wear-resistant rubber lining and sheath, and the impeller is made of high chromium wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant alloy. Desulfurization pumps generally adopt diaphragm coupling direct transmission mode. Small diameter pumps can cut the impeller diameter to obtain a larger performance range. Large diameter pumps generally adjust the speed through the gearbox.
KSH heavy-duty slurry pump and KSG (H) gravel pump are mainly selected for slurry discharge of shield engineering. The conveying medium is mud, which is mainly the cut soil material and the mixture of soil slag and mud water. KSH heavy-duty slurry pump is mostly used for slurry inlet pump. This type of slurry pump is of double-layer shell structure. The inner flow passage parts are replaceable high chromium wear-resistant metal, and the outer pressure bearing parts are high-strength cast iron. You can choose coupling direct drive or belt drive. KSG (H) gravel pump is a single-layer shell structure. The flow passage parts in contact with the slurry are made of high chromium wear-resistant metal. The pump outlet direction can rotate freely. Considering the construction space in the tunnel, it is generally driven by variable frequency motor direct connection.
The municipal engineering pumps of our company mainly include kWp non clogging centrifugal pump and SXK split pump, which are suitable for urban water supply and drainage, urban water supply, sewage treatment engineering, circulating water of power plant, cooling circulating water of chemical plant, water for other industrial and mining enterprises and farmland drainage and irrigation. KWp non clogging pump is a horizontal axial suction pump with single-stage, single suction and single pump shell structure. The main features are strong carrying capacity and no blockage. The impeller can be selected from open, semi open, closed and free flow. The complete varieties and specifications also provide a wide range of flow and head. The appropriate impeller type can be selected according to the user's specific purpose and operating conditions. SXK pump is a single-stage, double suction and horizontal centrifugal pump with horizontal suction and discharge. It is not necessary to move the inlet and outlet pipelines to disassemble and inspect the impeller. The pump has wide performance range, high efficiency, compact structure, reliable operation and long service life.


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